Elsam Japan Inc.


2019.7-9 Actual Result updated.

Environment Division

We are exploring and investigating of the natural environment. 

We need your business request about these items.

IT System Division

"Office Stationeries 「CACTUS」"  (WEB STORE) 

  Copy Paper,Document Files and Office Funitures. 20,000items or more....

    With low price more than other catalog merchant.

      (Our business partner only)

        ※New contact.


  We support making your website.

    Basically,we use HTML,CSS codes.

      (Grid,Responsible design for tablet or smartphone are also available.)

      In addition,you hope to improve your current website.

        Please contact me.

<Example case>

Other Items


3D Business card (It's a new technology.)


For inventory business on Cloud.

 「Scan at stock room」>「to Save on cloud」>「Edit on your desk」 [at the same time].